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The Nyika Vwaza (UK) Trust works to improve the conservation of both the fauna and flora od the Nyika National Park and the Vwaza March Wildlife Reserve through its programme of education in the communities surrounding the protected areas and its work in applied research to find solutions to significant threats to the ecology of these areas.

The Trust provides funding for these activities largely through the generosity of its supporters.

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The Nyika-Vwaza (UK) Trust

The Nyika Plateau & Vwaza Marsh

The 3,134 km2 Nyika National Park in the north of Malawi was established in 1965. It consists of high altitude grasslands, with moist forest patches, dambos (water-logged depressions) and miombo woodland. This range of habitats gives rise to a rich flora and fauna, some of which is not found anywhere else in the world. It is unlike many other national parks in Africa and quite magical, with its abundance of wildflowers, wide variety of animals and exotic insects. It is a bird watcher’s paradise.

The name, Nyika, means "where the water comes from”, indicative of the plateau’s importance as a source of water for north Malawi and Lake Malawi itself. Conservation of its plants and animals is crucial.

Vwaza Marsh, proclaimed a Wildlife Reserve in 1977, is home to the widest variety of large mammal species in the country and a fascinating range of lowland bird species. The challenge is to preserve water levels in the dry season so that the animals survive the drought without resorting to crop raiding.

Although protected by law, these are delicate ecosystems, vulnerable to the ravages of fire and neglect through lack of financial resources.

Objects of the Trust...

To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of The Nyika & Vwaza

To promote the education of the public in nature conservation generally and, in particular, of the Nyika and Vwaza. With your help, we can fund programmes that fulfil our objects.

Our conservation programme

NVT UK funds an environmental education programme in northern Malawi, operated by The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust. LWT teach communities, through schools, the importance of the environment and the harmful consequences of poaching, deforestation and killing animals that raid crops. The programme also funds training of local magistrates in wildlife law (leading to greater enforcement), and is looking at ways to replace the income that communities earn through lucrative trade in bush meat and edible orchids. In addition, the Trust offers grants to research issues of significant conservation concern, to support environmental management in the Nyika and Vwaza. Contributors are registered as Friends of The Trust and receive newsletters, updating you on our conservation programmes and on flora and fauna issues.

What you can do to contribute

For all donations, please complete the Donation Form (delete the Gift Aid declaration if not appropriate). To make regular donations, please also complete the Banker’s Order. Completed forms should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer, whose address is on the Banker’s Order.

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