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The Nyika Vwaza (UK) Trust works to improve the conservation of both the fauna and flora od the Nyika National Park and the Vwaza March Wildlife Reserve through its programme of education in the communities surrounding the protected areas and its work in applied research to find solutions to significant threats to the ecology of these areas.

The Trust provides funding for these activities largely through the generosity of its supporters.

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The Nyika-Vwaza (UK) Trust

Mission Statement
As the leading conservation agency based in the United Kingdom that is supporting conservation work within Malawi’s Nyika National Park and the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve and their surrounding communities, our present policies are to:

1. raise funds from institutions and individuals around the world to meet present and future needs of NVT and to develop and grow an Endowment Fund to provide long-term financial stability and income;

2. develop a body of supporters within the UK and internationally and facilitate a sense of common purpose and union between them;

3. publicise the importance of the parks as precious areas of wildlife biodiversity with endemic species of flora and fauna that are endangered;

4. encourage the public, especially Malawians, to appreciate and value the parks for the importance of their resources, their aesthetic qualities and their mental and spiritual restorative capacities;

5. promote scientific and historical research about the parks;

6. provide funds for environmental education programmes to communities in the surrounding areas;

7. support Governments, especially the Governments of Malawi and Zambia, international and other institutions, in their efforts to protect and conserve the parks in perpetuity.