The Nyika-Vwaza Trust

working for environmental & wildlife conservation in Northern Malawi


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Oh my Nyika the best place to be

A place for animals to dwell

The beauty lies on its land form

Carpeted with green at winter


Montane grassland on the plateau

Oh what a dainty pleasure it is sipping chateau

Riding on back of horses with HOAS

Gazing at game very near in Nyika


Over the rolling ridges, high rocks, and mountains

Showing the genuine beauty in nature

While a full breeze of wind blowing nicely

A place free from malaria

Sometimes resembles Scottish weather


The mother of all big rivers of the north

The unquenchable catchment area

Rolling ridges making fantastic hiking

Hiking in Mwenembe making an adventure

Whilst roans, zebra and elands are grazing in harmony


Nyika the only place to see sun dew feeding on insects

Kaulime as an oxbow lake

Chisanga falls pouring down the river

Splashes of water making a beautiful rainbow

Zovo chipolo a place for the habitation of many species of birds

Singing their different sweet melodies

Singing soothing songs of liberty

Hyenas and other scavengers feeding on carrion

In a state of cleaning the park


Vultures are flying high in the air

Flapping their wings in a good-bye style

Nyika a place to be never forgotten

Once visited, life long memories

Trees and flowers blossoming, for bees to make the richest Nyika honey


Nyika sometimes you can think its second paradise on earth

Wattle cranes walking in pairs hunting for their prey

Fingira Rock protruding on the midst of the mountains to the South

Nganda overlooking Domwe to the North

Over stretching its left wing touching Thakati view point to the East


Juniper the evergreen forest well renowned in Africa

A great perturbation in nature

Determination is a great asset to visit Nyika

At Nyika, the sky is the limit

Oh my Nyika the best place to be




Samuel Munthali (Nyika-Vwaza Trust Capitao (or gang boss ))





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