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The Nyika Vwaza (UK) Trust works to improve the conservation of both the fauna and flora od the Nyika National Park and the Vwaza March Wildlife Reserve through its programme of education in the communities surrounding the protected areas and its work in applied research to find solutions to significant threats to the ecology of these areas.

The Trust provides funding for these activities largely through the generosity of its supporters.

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Foot Educational Fund

At our annual promotional evening at The Royal Geographical Society in London on 6th November 2012, The Nyika-Vwaza (UK) Trust (NVT UK) launched the Foot Educational Fund.

The objective of the Foot Education Fund is to increase awareness among young Malawians of the value to their country's natural heritage of the Nyika and Vwaza Marsh areas. The Fund was established to mark the retirement of Harry Foot, who helped establish NVT UK and served as its first Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, was an appropriate moment to recognise and celebrate the Foot family's contribution to the Trusts in Malawi and the UK. Without David and Robyn, without Harry and Gill, neither the UK nor Malawi Trusts would exist to promote conservation in the Nyika Park and Vwaza Reserve.

Additionally, and arguably more important, the establishment of the Fund enables NVT UK to formalise one if its founding objects, that of promoting the education of the public in nature conservation generally and, in particular, of the Nyika and Vwaza. Often, it is those who live closest to national parks and wilderness areas that have the least access to them. Through this funding NVT UK is simply helping to increase the capacity and widen the scope of these initiatives.

In 2013 and 2014 NVT UK supported a limited educational programme and visits for young people through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife's Education and Extension Programme and School Branches of the Wildlife and Environment Society of Malawi.

In 2015 NVT UK devised an enhanced and extended education programme with the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT) to carry out a Protected Area Environmental Education programme (PEEP) in the communities and schools in the areas surrounding the Nyika National Park and the Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve. The Trust is committed to a three year programme, to 2018 with the hope that it will be enhanced and continued for a further period if sufficient funding can be sourced.

We particularly value all donations to the Education Fund. To find out more about how the Fund works, including an application form for a grant, please click here. To make a donation to the Fund, please click here. You can also request information about the fund and a donation form from our secretary, Peter Lawrance, by emailing him at