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The Nyika Vwaza (UK) Trust works to improve the conservation of both the fauna and flora od the Nyika National Park and the Vwaza March Wildlife Reserve through its programme of education in the communities surrounding the protected areas and its work in applied research to find solutions to significant threats to the ecology of these areas.

The Trust provides funding for these activities largely through the generosity of its supporters.

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Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve - Fauna and Flora

Only limited research has been carried out in this Reserve.


Home to the widest variety of large mammal species in the country, including elephant (150), kudu, impala, buffalo, warthog and pods of hippopotamus. Limited restocking has taken place in recent years. There are 51 mammal species recorded.

Listed as an IBA (Important Bird Area) with 326 species recorded. However, the marsh deserves further study as the more discreet waterbirds (e.g. crakes) are little known. The marsh is the most northerly limit of Swainson’s Francolin Francolinus swainsonii. Birds of conservation concern include the rare White-winged Starling Neocichia gutturalis which occurs only in this locality. Lake Kazuni is an important reservoir of fish for an otherwise over-exploited system.

366 species of plants listed. The marsh is a floodplain comprising sedges and rank grass and is bordered by Mopane woodland (one of its most northern limits) mixed with Miombo woodland.